Why Our System Is The Best...

The Most Realistic Martial Art

Most martial arts schools require you to wear a bulky "old school" kimono that does not simulate MMA or real self defense situation. How many times are you going to encounter an opponent wearing a martial arts kimono? The answer is NEVER!!! That is why here at 10th Planet West LA we train in regular workout clothes like a t-shirt and shorts. This simulates what you would encounter in real life or in the cage. You won't have to worry about looking for a uniform to grab onto.


Burn Fat and Build Muscle

If you are looking to build fat or burn muscle you gotta check out the workouts here. By training in our martial arts system you will always be challenging your new and fun exercises. Each day you will be working your cardiovascular and metabolic systems as you see fat begin to melt off and muscle start to tone!


World Famous

Movie stars, UFC Fighters and professional athletes already know that the 10th Planet System is the best. That's why they come form all over the world to learn our unique and proven techniques. We only accept a limited amount of students each month, so you better call now!


About 10th Planet West LA...

If you live in or near West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in the City of Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles Area and are in driving distance to either one of the Hollywood, El Segundo, Burbank, Hawthorne, Santa Monica, Inglewood and Culver City areas, you definitely do not want to miss this.

We’re The MMA gym for you, whether you’re a Muscle-Bound BodyBuilder or a normal guy or gal who just wants to get in shape… Whether you’re a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt who’s looking for some great Jiu Jitsu in West Los Angeles or  if you're a no-stripe-white-belt and it’s your first day practicing BJJ…

We’re the MMA gym for you!

So What Are You Waiting For?

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The Benefits Of Training Here At 10th Planet West LA


Even if you’ve never trained before our school is for you. In fact most people who walk through our doors don’t have any experience at all!


On top of being a black belt, Scott Epstein is also a certified nutritionist and will design you a workout at no extra charge to help keep you on track. Proper nutrition is a very important part of reaching your goals and without it it can seem easy to give up.


Once you get going and progress past our beginners program you can expect to burn anywhere between 800-1100 calories a class. That is something that is almost impossible to do in any other activity, plus this Super Fun, so you’ll always be motivated to come to class!


Here at 10th Planet West LA we are the nation’s leading women’s self defense program and have a womens only program so that you never have to worry about training with a man much larger than you if you don’t want to. Most schools simply throw you to the wolves and that is dangerous!


Here at 10th Planet West LA, we are one big family and our head Black Belt, Scott Epstein always sends emails making sure you stay on track!


No matter how much you pay attention in class or how good your instructor is, sometimes you may miss or forget a move. That’s why we publish our curriculum online on our student only website.

 Joe Rogan | Eddie Bravo

Joe Rogan | Eddie Bravo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the single most effective martial art you can learn for self defense. Unlike most martial arts, Jiu Jitsu doesn’t rely on size and strength. It’s all about leverage and joint manipulation.

A smaller person could easily use BJJ techniques to defeat a much larger and stronger opponent. Since real-world fights often end up on the ground, training in a martial art that focuses exclusively on ground combat is both practical and prudent. An added bonus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that it will get you in shape.



Scott “Einstein” Epstein is amazing and caring Jiu Jitsu instructor. I am glad to be able train with him when I come to Los Angeles on business trips.

Einstein is a phenomenal instructor with the ability to break down intricate details of techniques for anyone to be able to grasp from beginners to experienced grapplers.

In fact many years ago, Einstein did the first Jiu Jitsu seminar that I ever went to back when I was a white belt. Techniques that I learned in that seminar are still some of my best and favorite techniques to this day. I travel around the country for work and very few gyms that I visit have the same welcoming atmosphere and high level instruction that 10th Planet West LA has to offer.
— Johnny Huynh | Happy 10th Planet Student

I stopped by during the thanksgiving holiday weekend for Sunday wrassling class assuming it would be packed with people trying to burn off all the crap they ate over the holiday. I was wrong, lol.

Nevertheless I had a great time and learned a lot that day. Coach Nina (hope I didn’t butcher her name) had us do a lot of fun and interesting wrassling drills before we got to the actual technique, and ended the class with some free wrestling. We never get to do cartwheels as part of our wrassling warm-up at my current gym, so that was fun!

I actually got some one on one attention at the end of class which is a big plus. After class, head instructor Scott Epstein offered to spend some extra time helping me with my jiu jitsu. Next time I will definitely make time for that. I heard they moved to a new location and I hope to come back sometime soon for Jiu Jitsu!
— Jeanilee Simpsong | 10th Planet Female Student

As a female in the Los Angeles County finding a Jiu Jitsu gym that not only has a predominate female membership base, but strictly abides to the fundamental spirit of martial arts is challenging. I have been training with Scott “Einstein” Epstein for several years.

As a student, I cannot say enough great things about the focused work ethic and positive goal directed family atmosphere both he and his staff create at 10th Planet West LA. The new Beverly Hills gym location with both indoor and outdoor parking & showers is just an added bonus for both men & woman to learn & train Jiu Jitsu from the best. 🙂
— Marrisa Anabel | 10th Planet Female Student

I have been training in Jiu Jitsu for three and a half years and have had many instructors, but nobody compares to the instruction that Scott “Einstein” Epstein brings to the mats. Since training under him, I understand more about the game than ever before. He puts everything he teaches into perspective. Before receiving my blue belt from Scott, I really didn’t understand what I was doing on the mats until I became his student.

Now, with the smallest adjustments within a technique, the way I was taught to breathe during training and in combat, together with his great strength and conditioning classes has prepared me for anything.

I am in the greatest shape that I have ever been in my life. I do not see myself training anywhere else. I do see myself receiving my purple, brown, and black belts from him in the future. Scott cares about all of his students not only on the mat, but off the mat as well. He doesn’t just hand out belts for the sake of a time curriculum. There is no six months for a blue belt, two years for purple, five years for a brown, or eight to ten years for a black belt.

His curriculum is when he thinks you are ready to be promoted to the next level. He will push you to your full potential, if you are missing class, he will be on you to get back into class. That is the kind of instructor/coach/trainer that everyone needs. Whether it is just to get in shape, for self defense, to be a competitor, and/or to be a professional fighter.

It does not matter if you are the most out of shape person. You will notice drastic decreases in weight loss, while your discipline, self-esteem, confidence, self-defense, and athletic levels will increase drastically. Just come in and sign up, I guarantee that he will change your life forever!!!
— Danny M. | 10th Planet Student